Faith in Action Ministries - Faith is not Faith until it is all you are holding on to
Faith in Action Ministries was started on an Act of Faith.
The statement: "DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR FAITH AND DRAW THE BLESSINGS OF GOD INTO YOUR LIFE" is the premise of this website. We are completely dependent upon God and trust in Him for our needs.
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What is Faith?
How do we put our Faith into Action?
Faith is believing that what you are wishing and hoping for is going to come true and from a Christian perspective, believing that for every problem God will provide you with a solution even with no physical evidence. As believers we have no cause for anxiety, fear or uncertainty. Philippians 4:6 says "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let our requests be known to God."
First and foremost are you giving praise and thanksgiving for everything daily. If not change and give thanks for everything. Do not expect more if you are not thankful for what you have. Prayer, petition and requesting God's leading if you really believe without doubt He will provide that which is best for you.
In a cynical culture, we often overlook how God provides for our needs, He allows only so much suffering. He listens to us and answers pray and will give us the desires of our heart.
He supports and encourages us and gives us provision and blessings (James, 1-17).
When everything seems to be going wrong in life: illness, loss of job, finances depleted, be assured God knows your trials, therefore we must claim these Scripture verses even more. These are opportune times. Naturally you are not thinking and feeling opportunistic, rest assured, search your soul, pray, believe, do not give up or quit. Your values might be shifting to what really is important in life. Believe and trust more than ever. Realign yourself, knowing that within your heart and soul with God's help the best times are ahead of you.
Scripture is clear when your faith is weak and half-hearted expect nothing. This is the time to have even more conviction, belief and trust in knowing our Heavenly Father will provide for us. Fear paralyzes us into inaction. Break free and act even more whether we fail or succeed, acting is the only way to break the fear bond.
Stepping out in Faith is simply: believing and doing that what you know is right and just and by trusting God. Do not just wait for God to do something, move, act, try, attempt to bring forth that which is within your soul, that which God has planted there, waiting for you to go forth with belief and trust. Trust in Him like you have never trusted before. Divine power is released when we move and act, do it now, set His work in motion by being His Divine appointment.
Practical steps to increase Faith:
1. Read the Bible. Faith comes from reading, hearing & listening.
    Romans 10:17
2. Exercise Faith, by doing.
3. Embrace trials. 1st Peter 1:3-9, reveals adversity & hardship creates greater Faith.
   Your faith has grown in spite of all the troubles and hardships you are going through.
    2 Thessalonians 1:3-4
4. Search out others testimonies, hearing how God has acted in another's life grows Faith.
5. Pray. have a personal relationship with your Creator and listen to hear His voice.
6. Practice obedience, this step human nature does not want to hear.
    Disobeying what God tells us does not allow our Faith to grow. Obedience and    
    having a strong Faith coincide. Growth takes time, commitment and dedication.
Practice and perfect these steps and see your Faith soar.
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Lord I Lift your Name on High
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